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Welcome to Colegio San Antonio de Padua, our philosophy is the integral formation of each one of the students, so that everyday they become better people, with a quality education that is oriented to the educational excellence. We have strategic and innovative alliances
with prestigious institutions and cutting-edge educational projects that promote personalized teaching such as: 

-Optimist, Snipe and Laser Quality, under the constant accompaniment and advice of the
Pedagogical Training School of Peru.
-Area of English with the University of Cambridge, qualifying 2014 as a Preparatory Centre for International Exams, thanks to the good results obtained in the international tests of MOVER, STARTER, KET, FCE.
-In computation and computing with CiIBERTEC that has the support of the University of Applied Sciences UPC-Junior Achievement sponsored by San Ignacio de Loyola University in Peru.

With these agreements, we develop in our students a personalized education, oriented to the dominion of the English language and the technology, forming them this way with an enterprise vision. We have a staff of education professionals who are in constant training
and updating, enjoying an infrastructure with quality of life and implementation according to pedagogical and technological needs.We are proud, with the current demands, with national and international agreements, to highlight that we are currently within the ranking of the best
schools at the national level, according to the study conducted by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, in merit to Academic Excellence, thus meeting standards and quality indicators, thanks to the good academic preparation and training students receive in our school. Merit that we obtain for the third time; recognition that allows our students to enjoy the direct entrance in the modality of ITS. This is how San Antonio de Padua fulfills its institutional motto "sowing quality to harvest excellence".
Norma Irma Herrera Meza Director


"To be the Institution Leader in education that offers an integral formation of quality,
preparing competent people capable of facing the challenges of the future with knowledge,
abilities and positive attitudes, giving example of Christian and citizen life; contributing this
way to the development of our society.”



“To educate people on the basis of a humanistic - Christian conception so they reach
excellence in their integral development, being able to commit themselves in a way that is
responsible and active in building a society based on truth, love and justice under the
charism of St. Anthony of Padua.”


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Tel: (042) 521548

Jr. Jimenez Pimentel 1204

222000, Tarapoto.

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