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Clase de tecnologia


It's not that we use thecnology, we live thecnology!



Your children begin to have contact with technology in their development

For children, the computer is as new as another learning resource, so its use is natural,
making it an everyday classroom material that stimulates attention, coordination, etc.
Like other didactic resources, it stimulates and develops physical, affective, intellectual and
social capacities.

The use of the computer in the classroom introduces them to the world of technology and at the same time helps them to acquire basic knowledge.

They also reinforce colors, shapes and expand their creativity.



Science and technology at your fingertips

This project is based on training competitive students, developing skills for handling the new
tools of the 21st century that will lead to the solution of problems in the future.

He has 12 years of impeccable performance with students from schools in the development
of technological skills, essential to lead the future.



Analysis, understanding, design and creativity

-We develop the creativity of the student, through the exploration of Information Technologies for their school and professional development.
-Students will increase their skills reaching their maximum potential.
-He belongs to the UPC educational group and to the Laureate International Universities
-Backed by Cibertec, with 33 years of successful trajectory in the education and training of
professionals in the area of management and good governance of Information Technologies.

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