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We innovate in work techniques and methodologies

Somos un British Council Partner  Schoool que implementa el Bachillerato Británico de Cambridge International

British Council y Bachillerato Británico


El centro educativo particular San Antonio de Padua es el referente educativo en la región San Martín y en la selva peruana, donde son nuestros alumnos la mejor carta de presentación. 


Desarrollamos una propuesta pedagógica basada en el Currículo Internacional de Cambridge Assessment International Education, enfocado en el desarrollo integral de las personas, potencializando su pensamiento crítico y el aprendizaje significativo; además, de una propuesta de gestión con una perspectiva global, activa y equitativa, siguiendo los lineamientos normativos orientados por el Ministerio de Educación.


El Bachillerato Británico no solamente es reconocido por diferentes universidades a nivel nacional, sino que también es reconocido a nivel mundial por más de doscientos universidades. Además, les permite tener una visión diferente sobre sus posibilidades y habilidades, en un mundo competitivo, esto significa una ventaja por encima de los demás.


  • The OPTIMIST Project offers children a rich and organized stimulation to reach, according to
    the personal conditions of each child, levels of maturity, development and optimal learning,
    to successfully face the subsequent schooling.

Here's to you:

  • Personalized education focused on the formation of the child.

  • Personalized methodologies, created in Spain and applied in the best schools in Peru and the world.

  • Learning situations: intelligence bits, stimulation program for reading and writing, learning trips, motor skills such as aerobics and gymnastics, and others.

  • Formation of human values and virtues:
    •Significant learning
    •Observation, exploration and understanding of the physical and social environment
    •Intensive English every day - CIDUP
    •Music and dance workshops

We are more than an institution Educational, we are a family!
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The SNIPE Project is a Personalized Education proposal that has its origin in Spain, incorporated several years ago to the Colegio San Antonio de Padua for the PRIMARY stage. 

The learning situations of the Snipe project constitute a range of possibilities to develop observation, attention, memory, vocabulary, logical thinking, neuronal synapses, expression, comprehension, autonomy and to favour the practice of virtues daily.

The snipe Project, in the first cycle of Primary (6-8 years), is related to the Optimist Project, taking advantage of the end of the optimal periods for the correct cerebral configuration and the development of the consequent intellectual capacity, at the same time that the mastery of the basic instrumental contents (reading, writing and calculating) is tackled with special intensity. In this way, the Snipe Project responds to the need for education in the new millennium, to "learn to learn", through significant activities in which the student becomes the
true protagonist.

Since 2010, through an exhaustive and permanent evaluation, the school San Antonio de
Padua is recognized with the Diploma of College Snipe Quality.


The secondary level at Colegio San Antonio de Padua is always at the forefront of methodology, seeking a comprehensive and high quality education for students. In secondary school, the LASER methodology is used, which is based on personalized education and helps to develop a series of capacities and cognitive, affective and social skills that make the student a complete and integrated person.

The LASER Project is a project designed for Secondary Education adapted for Peru by the Escuela de Asesoramiento y Capacitación Pedagógica de Lima. 


At the end of their studies, the student reaches a high level of knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to face higher education and successfully perform a position in the world of work and society. In this way several letters of congratulation and diplomas of recognition
have been obtained, received from prestigious institutions such as: the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) in 
merit to which the ex-students belong to the group of high performance in both universities, which fills the educational institution with pride.

The future of children depends on the world in which they live!
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