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Padua MUN

San Antonio de Padua Model United Nations 

PaduaMUN 2024 is a two-day Model United Nations conference that offers high school and upper elementary students the opportunity to simulate the flow and diplomacy of an international debate at the level of the United Nations sphere. At PaduaMUN, students develop important skills during the conference respective sessions such as formal negotiation, leadership, oratory, researching, conflicts-solving and drafting. Delegates engage in productive debate regarding relevant and sometimes no so discussed universal issues while creating and working together towards innovative solutions, guaranteeing the safety of our society, increasing the awareness young students have of worldwide perspectives and mainly creating future global leaders

About us

Padua Model United Nations took beginning in 2016, being the first school in the region to achieve a MUN format. During the first years of development of these conferences, the possibility of going to a national conference did not seem so close. But over the last 4 years, we have evolved and grown as a community, organizing annual muns, as well as participating in many more and making our own way to something much bigger each time, continuing our journey to become one of the most frequent and anticipated MUNS in Peru.

And it was then that 2023 became a decisive point in this journey, as it was the beginning of our integration into this incredible debate society, achieving our first awards and mentions as well as working at the same time on what was to come for our delegation. All this being possible thanks to the unconditional help of our faculty advisors Milagros Quispe & Edith Quiñe without whom none of this would have been possible.

Despite this, we are aware that the awards or certificates are not the primary thing, but rather the experience that has been obtained in each of our participations, which has allowed us to create the perfect environment and organization for what we are preparing, known as “Padua MUN 2024”. With this edition of Padua MUN, we are not only entering new territory, but we are also celebrating its eighth anniversary, promising you an unforgettable and fruitful experience.

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